The Simple Things in Life

I’ve just come through a really busy week – worked 6 days out of 7 and managed to keep most of my other responsibilities in check too – only forgot about one (night time) meeting all week.  Not bad considering I’ve been working 10 or 12 hour days and been under a substantial amount of stress. Which I don’t mind when it’s only for a finite amount of time and now the end of the super stressful time has finished – for me EOFY is over for another year!

Now that life begins to return to some semblence of normality with a little better balance, it’s the simple things in life I have craved.

I have slept a lot over the last few days and allowed my body to rest and recover – sleep the great healer has been my friend at night and often in the afternoon too – the weather has been particularly supportive with cold, damp days, just perfect for curling up under the doona or under a quilt in front of the fire.

I have spent time with the love of my life.  We had a day out yesterday exploring the southern Fleurieu Peninsula, looking at land, thinking about our future and where we want to build our sustainable life together, walking around in rubber boots across muddy paddocks, watching the water overflow from dams and sheltering under trees from sudden rain showers.  It was lovely to be out in the fresh air, even though it was cold and bracing at times.  I’m thankful our car has a heater that dried the rain from our jeans when we got back in the car!

We managed to catch up with some family for a meal last night and some close friends for a quick cup of coffee this morning and they were both simple pleasures.

I baked and cooked and ate healthy raw foods which I always crave when I have been stressed.

I made a really quick salad from butter lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers all purchased from Willunga Farmers’ Market and threw in an avocado just for good measure.  Raw, fresh and organic – simple, delicious and nutritious, finished with an olive oil, apple cider vinegar and mustard dressing with dried, homegrown parsley thrown in for added flavour (and a few more antioxidants!).

This salad was consumed with a hot, steaming bowl of chicken and veg soup which I had in the freezer and some handmade sourdough bread we bought at the market yesterday.

I also bought some beautiful pumpkin at the market to go with the pumpkin we received in our CSA box last week, so thought a hearty spicy pumpkin and red lentil soup was in order …

Finally I baked a batch of honey and date muffins, to warm the kitchen, as well as to provide tasty treats for the week ahead.

And while the muffins were cooking I watched the chooks peck around in the freshly turned straw in their yard, rewarding themselves with worms and other exciting finds.

A weekend of simple things, which re-balanced my soul, gave restoration from what has gone, and created a happy, content feeling deep in my being to get me through the week ahead.  Weekends like this are pure bliss.

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  1. starproms

    Your contentment comes through in your writing today and I pick up on your sense of peace. This is a lovely post, full of a happy life, lived to the full. The food looks delicious too.

  2. The Little Locals

    Take care of yourself. It sounds as if you are tune with your body. I hope you don’t work yourself into the ground. Life is too precious.

  3. Kate G

    Ahhhhh I sense the revitalizing and the refreshment taking place. Thank goodness the EOFY only occurs once every 12 months!

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