Working with the Seasons

The changing of the seasons is always a busy time on the farm. No matter which change it is. The secret to not becoming overwhelmed by it all is to…

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A visit to an organic orchard

A couple of weeks ago we visited an organic apple orchard.  The event was arranged by our local organic, bio-dynamic group, OBDA. It was wonderful to see an orchard of…

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A new garden

One of the challenges I have faced since moving to the farm is that I have had to start from scratch with my veggie garden. Instead of benefiting from the…

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A caravan life

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When we decided that we needed to be on the farm full-time, we did not even have a shed erected on the site.  Council approvals and bad weather had delayed…

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Happy Birthday Farm!

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This weekend just gone we celebrated owning our farm for one year. We invited our friends down who had helped us in our first year, to help us celebrate. People…

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Downsizing … downshifting … down south

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Well we have finally moved onto our farm property.  While the shed is still under construction and the house plans are still, literally, on the drawing board, we have moved…

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A New Orchard

Before we bought our property one of the goals we set ourselves was to have an orchard with 100 trees – a nice round number selected for no other reason…

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