How we Farm

Jagged Crow Farm is situated in the pristine, green Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

We manage our farm organically, using sustainable agriculture practices, rotational grazing, mixed breed stocking and permaculture principles to produce chemical free, grass fed lamb and beef as well as raw honey and tasty vegetables.

We are conscious of the fuels we use to generate energy, utilising only off-grid solar systems to power our buildings, our fences and our home.

We deliberately re-purpose materials to reduce consumption and waste, like second-hand vineyard posts used for internal fencing, pallets forming the boundary of the vegetable garden and shipping container boards line our workshop space.

We work with nature and the seasons to produce food the way it should be – in sync with the cycles of the seasons, with animals living the way they were intended – eating their natural diet and free to roam. Vegetables are grown during their best season, and watered with rainfall, either straight from the sky or saved in tanks.

This means produce is available on a seasonal basis, which means it’s not always available, but when it is, its at its best both nutritionally and in flavour.

If you have a question about how we farm, please feel free to contact us.workshop space

Find out about our organic produce – beef, lamb, raw honey, vegetables.