Working with the Seasons

The changing of the seasons is always a busy time on the farm. No matter which change it is. The secret to not becoming overwhelmed by it all is to…

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Downsizing … downshifting … down south

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Well we have finally moved onto our farm property.  While the shed is still under construction and the house plans are still, literally, on the drawing board, we have moved…

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Happy Anniversary

Well I just realised it is one year since I entered the blogosphere.  It's been good for me and I hope to do more now that I have some more…

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Isn't it funny how one word can produce such an array of emotions? We have blackberries on our farm, big, out of control, never-been-sprayed blackberries.  While I recognise that they…

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Jagged Crow Farm

It has finally happened.  After three years of searching, looking, walking over blocks, thinking about what's important, setting criteria and reviewing possible purchases against that criteria, we have finally become…

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I haven't blogged for a while - we've been moving house. Our large unsustainable house has been sold and we are now renters again. I haven't rented for over 15…

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Winter Surprise

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A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I travelled to the west coast of South Australia - to the thriving fishing and farming community of Port Lincoln part of…

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