Waiting for Solstice

I love winter, sitting inside watching the rain,  cool evenings when I can light the fire and curl up with my knitting and a bit of Netflix or ABC iView…

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Our first produce for sale!

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For some months now I have been attempting to grow some produce that can be sold. We have a wonderful shop in our local town which supports and promotes local…

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A new garden

One of the challenges I have faced since moving to the farm is that I have had to start from scratch with my veggie garden. Instead of benefiting from the…

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Pumpkin Pollination

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Until this summer I have never managed to get any pumpkins off my pumpkin vines.  Each spring I diligently plant several varieties of pumpkins with optimism and hope.  Each year…

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Summer Veg

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I love this time of the year, not because I particularly like the sometimes harsh temperatures of a South Australian summer, but rather because I love growing my own food…

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