Sunny Saturday

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After a long and busy week where I haven’t managed to step outside during daylight hours I ventured out into the garden this morning.  After a couple of very wet weeks our rainwater tanks are full to over flowing, the clay ground is soggy and water logged.  I have spent the week dodging rain showers when I did get outside.

When I ventured out into the garden this morning, I was greeted by sunshine, rays reflecting off leaves, warmth radiating from the paving, and clear light making everything look lovely.  As I took scraps to the chooks, I discovered that the garden is flourishing, despite the cold temperatures and short days that we are having.  Isn’t nature amazing!


Of course, chooky had to have a look and see what I was up to while I was photographing the penstamon (above on the right) … there could be a weed or two in it for her!


And as I spent a little time in the veggie garden later in the day I decided to harvest some tasty root vegetables for our dinner …


A sunny Saturday – just what a girl needs after being stuck in an office all week!  Absolutely soul-restoring 🙂