Jagged Crow Farm

It has finally happened.  After three years of searching, looking, walking over blocks, thinking about what’s important, setting criteria and reviewing possible purchases against that criteria, we have finally become the proud owners of our very own farm.  Well, its really a bit of land that will become a farm.  It has a rusty old farm gate, good fencing around the perimeter and some cattle yards which need a bit of TLC.  And it might just look like a big open paddock and a bit of scrub to some people, but to us it is a farm.  This is the patch of land where we will build our more sustainable life, reduce our carbon footprint and become a bit more self sufficient.

Front Paddock

We have tossed around names for months and finally settled on Jagged Crow Farm.  Both parts of the name have local significance.  We first offered to buy the land 4 months ago – it seems to have been a long 4 months while we have waited to be able to walk across the paddock not feeling like we are trespassing.  And now when we walk across the paddock I say to myself “this is ours – this Jagged Crow Farm”!

There is so much to plan and do now after all this waiting and dreaming.  But I’m looking forward to the fun and challenge of it as we start to create our sustainable life.