Waiting for Solstice

I love winter, sitting inside watching the rain,  cool evenings when I can light the fire and curl up with my knitting and a bit of Netflix or ABC iView…

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A caravan life

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When we decided that we needed to be on the farm full-time, we did not even have a shed erected on the site.  Council approvals and bad weather had delayed…

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Pumpkin Pollination

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Until this summer I have never managed to get any pumpkins off my pumpkin vines.  Each spring I diligently plant several varieties of pumpkins with optimism and hope.  Each year…

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Summer Veg

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I love this time of the year, not because I particularly like the sometimes harsh temperatures of a South Australian summer, but rather because I love growing my own food…

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Slow day

Today is the first day of my holidays and I decided that I would have a 'home' day, a day to purposefully stay at home and do things around the…

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Jagged Crow Farm

It has finally happened.  After three years of searching, looking, walking over blocks, thinking about what's important, setting criteria and reviewing possible purchases against that criteria, we have finally become…

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