I had the pleasure of going to one of my favourite farmers’ markets last weekend and aside from spending time with some good friends, I picked up 5 kgs of fresh ripe tomatoes. I always love a random bulk buy from the market because I love the challenge of finding something delicious to do with all that lovely produce.


So I returned home and started to go through my tried and true recipes, tomato chutney, tomato soup, semi-dried tomatoes. In the end, it was local author and cook, Maggie Beer that won my heart for the day.


Ans so I chopped and chopped and chopped all those lovely ripe tomatoes until they, along with a few other basic ingredients, were ready to cook.


And I boiled them and kept boiling them until they had reduced down into a beautiful, simple, yet Maggie Beer style pasta sauce.


And now it is frozen in small batches in the freezer just waiting for a cold night after work when I don’t have time or energy to cook. The hard work is done – well not so much hard work, as sheer culinary pleasure on a Sunday afternoon and now I can look forward to enjoying it on another day. It is such a beautiful sauce it can be served alone or I could add meat or mushrooms and cheese to enhance it further. But I do think it needs to be served with home made pasta rather than shop bought pasta, but that I’ll leave for another afternoon!

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  1. Siara

    Wow, I bet that’s delicious! I love the idea of buying in bulk to challenge yourself to find new ways to use an ingredient.

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