Local Residents

When I first met my now husband, he lived in the suburbs, the inner city suburbs.  He’d been raised in rural Australia but upon finding work in the city he moved to the ‘burbs.   As for me, I grew up in the foothills of Adelaide, and apart from a few years when I worked more than an hour’s commute away, I’ve lived in the same area for about 80% of my life.  While it isn’t rural Australia, it has a certain rural aspect to it – plenty of trees and native wildlife around us every day.  So perhaps I take my local residents for granted.

My husband on the other hand, although he grew up in the bush, still gets excited enough about seeing a koala while out walking that he feels the need to photograph it.  I agree that it is a delight to see that symbolic Australian in a tree outside my kitchen window as I did for several days last week but I don’t take many photos of them.

To see beautiful lorikeets feeding not 2 metres from our back door is another thing I never tire of.

As we prepare to move out of the city and closer to a rural setting I wonder what local residents we will share our living space with? I am sure there will be lovely birds and other interesting creatures, although perhaps not the species I am familiar with.

With adventure comes change  – I am sure whoever our local residents are they will be interesting and beautiful creatures worthy of a photo or two as well.  In the meantime we will continue to enjoy the residents we are familiar with, whether we have lived here a long time or less time.

(With thanks to the Gorgeous One for the photos x)