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There are two four letter words which have dominated my life in the past week.

In the media over the last few years I have noticed a new word emerging – you might have seen it too: EOFY.  Retailers have EOFY sales and promotions to try and boost their numbers for the End Of the Financial Year.  Creative media people come up with these terms which seem, somehow, to stick in our brains and over a couple of years, we start to understand what EOFY means … even though it’s not really a word, but rather an acronym.  In my new role, which I blogged about recently I am slave to EOFY.  That time of the year when the taxation department decrees that we shall all make account for our financial activities, reconcile our expenses and deductions and balance the ledger.

And so, one week after starting a new role, I am driven by EOFY and all its taxation implications, not just for myself but for over 1000 other people!  And the fun does not stop on 30 June.  No, in fact that is when the reconciliation begins.  And so I have entered the busiest time of the year, not only with the steep learning curve of a new role (thankfully in an organisation that I am familiar with), an increase in working hours and a change agenda to drive, but also with the legislative demands of EOFY.  I’m revelling in the challenge of course, and I know I am alive!

In the past week we have also received confirmation that all conditions of the sale of our house have been met – so we have SOLD!

We have sold the house which is the first home we made together, the place where we created our marriage, deepened our relationship, developed shared rituals and made lasting memories.  A place where we have laughed and cried, dreamed and reminisced, worked and found rest.  We have loved living in this house, but as we consciously move towards a more sustainable life, it no longer meets our needs which have changed since we have become aware of peak oil and its implications.  We want a home which is more sustainable – able to take advantage of passive solar principles, a house which has lower embodied energy, a place which is right sized to the type of lifestyle we are building towards.

Two little four letter words changed the shape of my life this week – for the immediate future and the long term future … I’m looking forward to seeing how the adventure unfolds.

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  1. The Little Locals

    Congratulations for both the sale of your home and the new position. I hope you have enough space to get your head around both things.

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