The precipice

This is not meant to be a gloomy blog.  Today however, I feel like I am standing on the precipice – looking out to the future, wondering with mixed emotions where it will lead.  This was sparked in part by a blog I read today about transition.  The person who writes it really focuses on leadership in an organisational sense, but the principles he talks about in terms of transition really could apply to anyone transitioning from one thing to another – perhaps like two people selling up their house in search of a more sustainable life.

He says  ‘Transition is the no-man’s-land of “in between” where old hangs on while new is not yet…. New dreams are conceived in a present that isn’t working.  Products are outdated.  Systems fail.”  You can read his blog here.

That’s about where I feel I am at the moment … the old pre-peak oil world is no longer working, the house we loved so much when we bought it, in light of peak oil and resource shortages in many ways doesn’t appeal to us anymore.  The growth economy is slowing globally.  I’m no economist, but Greece and Spain are obvious indicators of this and even the Australian economy is slowing, reflected by several recent cash interest rate drops in an attempt by the Reserve Bank to stimulate the economy.  It wouldn’t need stimulating if it wasn’t slowing!   Something isn’t working, systems that we have relied on for many years are failing.

And so our global economy is transitioning to something that perhaps we haven’t known in our lifetimes … and we must change in response too.  And that transition can feel a bit like a no-man’s-land when we don’t really know where we will end up.  We need to have confidence in our own abilities to adapt and change in response to what is going on around us and the faith to dream of and work towards a better future.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” (Ghandi).

To be doing something about change … to keep moving towards our goals of being more self sufficient and reviewing our lives to be more sustainabe and see where the seas of change take us may help!  Knowing that we are doing something can help to deal with all the things we can’t influence that make us feel like we are standing on the precipice.

At least the view is pretty good from the precipice!

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  1. starproms

    I’m new on here too so I was very glad to find your Blog today. I live in the northern hemisphere, in England to be exact. I so agree with your comments on transition. Life is always changing and we have to change with it. That’s very hard to do, right? I turned 60 years old last October and that fact has made a huge change in my life. I will write about that soon, when I’m feeling brave! So here’s to change (cheers) whatever it may bring. Let’s just try and stay positive.
    Please visit me if you have time. I am looking for new friends and followers here.

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