Foggy Rainy Morning

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When I awoke on Monday morning and pulled up the blind, I looked out to find I had been enveloped in a misty fog which had descended during the night.

I looked across the valley, only I couldn’t see the valley.  I could only see the trees which are on our side of the hill.  Beyond the gully – just grey fog.  Lovely!  A day when I want to stay inside, not face the elements and keep warm.

Problem no. 1 – it is Monday – a work day.  Which means I cannot stay inside, I must face the elements and I will probably get cold and wet doing so.  Which I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t expected to show up looking corporately dressed and composed.

Stoke the fire – it’s going to be cold when I get home.  Fortunately I’d planned ahead and brought firewood in last night – so didn’t need to brave the weather just yet.  Feed the cats – that’s okay too as they sleep under cover and I don’t have to go outside of that cover to feed them.  Eat breakfast – great morning for porridge – such a comfort food, so warm and sweet with honey drizzled on it.

Feed the chooks – make them some porridge (they don’t get drizzled honey on theirs, just oats and water), grab the umbrella, and the chook food bucket (scraps of yesterday) – both hands full, step outside.  Not only is it foggy but just at the precise moment I chose to step outside it started raining again!  Of course – no time to turn back the clock is ticking and I’m due at work soon.  Stepped in a puddle on the way to the chook yard and remembered that the sole in my shoe is not waterproof – note to self: avoid the puddles and think about getting that sole repaired (attempting to live sustainably can sometimes have its down side too like I have to remember to get my shoes repaired and find something else to wear while I do, instead of just rushing out to buy another pair because financially I could).  Chook house open – chooks come running out to see what delights I have brought them – they don’t seem to care about the rain – just let them at that porridge!  No eggs yet today – good – I don’t have to bend down to collect it and risk getting mud on my work clothes.  I must look a sight in my corporate outfit, with umbrella and chook food bucket, scrabbling about in the rain in their yard!

Back down the path – might as well check the rain gauge to see how much we’ve had over night while I’m out here in the rain anyway.  4.8mm – not a bad start to the day and I mentally calculate how many litres of water that has put in our tanks – just over 250 litres – thank you very much – I’ll have a long shower tomorrow to celebrate!

Notice there are some interesting looking mushrooms growing in our potato patch – won’t eat them – my mushroom identification skills aren’t that great – never know what might happen!

Back inside – what a start to the day!  I love the sensation of rain – the sound it makes on the roof, the way it changes the colour of the bark on the trees, the way it glistens on the leaves, the way it makes the flowers droop under its weight, the way it seems to wash everything clean and make the whole world smell nice.  I wouldn’t even mind being out in the rain or stuck in a foggy valley, if I didn’t have to “corporate up”.  One day …

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  1. sleepinghorse

    Snap! Same goes for me with all of your above comments including the foray into the rain in corporate gear and scrap bucket 🙂

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