I love autumn. It is my favourite season of the year.

As summer fades away, I enjoy the temperate days that the beginning of the new season brings, and then as winter draws near towards the end of the season, we light the fire, with wood gathered from friends and kerbsides and trees taken down, keeping us warm, inviting us home and bringing us together in search of comfort.

I always return to cooking soup – nutritional, warming and robust soup made from local ingredients, some gathered from our garden, some exchanged for produce that we have saved from the height of summer’s harvest, some purchased from the local farmers’ market or organic store.  Over the weekend I made a big pot of veggie and bacon soup with dried parsley from our herb patch.  There isn’t really a recipe for this, I simply put in whatever vegetables I have, together with some dried cannelloni beans, lentils, tomato paste, canned tomatoes and some bacon if there is some in the fridge.  So it turns out differently every time I make it.  Here it was waiting to be stirred and simmered.

I enjoy the sound of the rain falling, comforting me in the knowledge that there is water to be had, the rains have started to return to us the essence of life and we can drink and bathe in rainwater at least until the dry season returns.

Today I enjoyed the clear blue skies that Adelaide is renowned for in autumn, and as I walked around our city’s west end, I enjoyed the play of the golden leaves of the deciduous plane trees which line our city streets against the bright blue skies at midday.

By 4 o’clock the night was closing in as a reminder that winter is just around the corner, but for now I am remembering the power of the sun which warmed me to my bones today and the play of  light between shadows formed by the trees on the streets and on buildings … I am still enjoying the last throes of my favourite season.