Australia Day Long Weekend

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This weekend marked the anniversary of when Captain Cook arrived on our shores. I’m not sure that’s an event that necessarily requires celebration when I consider the damage that was done to our indigenous peoples. I like to think it’s a weekend to reflect on what we are as a nation now and celebrate all the great things we do and are and consider how we might move forward in a more amenable and sustainable way that supports our multicultural heritage and mix of nations that we have become.

The beloved and I had fish and chips at the beach one night.  Which seems like a very typically Australian summer thing to do.  With the majority of our population living within a relatively short distance of the coast, we seem to flock to the beaches in summer.  This is not an unknown phenomena in our culture and in fact this image has been utilised to promote Australia world-wide.

Port Elliot is one of the quintessentially Australian beaches where the sand stretches wide and deep, and the protected waters of Horseshoe Bay lap gently and rhythmically at the shore. We sat at one of the many outdoor tables overlooking the sea in the warmth of a beautiful summer evening and watched teenagers jump and somersault from the jetty, swim to the floating pontoon and enjoy the feeling of sand between their toes as they played beach cricket or just walked the length of the sand with their dog, dipping their toes in the waves as they went.  It made me wonder what the inland people do to celebrate their culture and their geography.

It was just an absolute picture of summer I couldn’t help but want to share it…

Pt Elliot

An hour or so of time, spent relaxing at the beach, catching up unexpectedly with friends who were also there and just soaking up the warmth creating a sense of place and time that marked the first long weekend of the year – another great Australian tradition worth celebrating!

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    Beautiful pictures. I bet your fish and chips tasted so good!

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