Permaculture Principles

There are many places you can go to read about the 12 Permaculture Principles which reflect the design and living approach developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.  The discovery of permaculture has changed the way I think about my life and there are multiple ways they can be interpreted and applied within your own life.  When I first started learning about Permaculture, I was overwhelmed by the possibilities.  So I thought I would put together some easy-to-do ideas of how we can all incorporate the 12 Permaculture Principles into our thinking and our doing – some small ways I have found to incorporate this new way of being into my once, mainstream consumer driven life … If I can do this, probably most other people can too!  I will add each principle progressively – and I am sure the list of simple actions will grow.  If you’ve found something which works – then please comment and share! Click on the relevant principle below and it will take you to a new page which explores that principle in detail.

1. Observe and Interact

2. Catch and Store Energy

3. Obtain a yield

4. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback

5. Use and value renewable resources and services’

6. Produce no Waste

7. Design from patterns to details

8. Integrate rather than segregate

9. Use small and slow solutions

10. Use and value diversity

11. Use edges and value the marginal

12. Creatively use and respond to change

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