Catch and Store Energy

2. Catch and Store Energy:  By developing systems that collect resources when they are abundant, we can use them in times of need.

Catch and Store Energy

Catching and storing energy can be undertaken in a multitude of ways.  You hear many people talk about harnessing the energy of the sun and in fact utilising solar power is one very popular way of catching and storing energy for use later on.  This is a very obvious one and one that has attracted a lot of media attention lately.  There are plenty of other things you can do to practice this principle as well.  You could consider:

  • Buying fruit in season and preserving it for later use – drying, bottling, freezing and making jam are all easy ways of preserving fruit
  • Purchasing bulk quantities of vegetables , turning them into soups or casserole bases for later use by freezing them
  • Utilising sunshine coming through your windows on a winter’s day to dry the clothes on an inside line
  • Grow your own herbs, dry and crush them, storing them into jars for use in your cooking
  • Collecting dead tree limbs that have come down during storms and using them as firewood to create warmth or cook
  • Growing root vegetables and storing them in the soil until you need them

Some of these things will take a little practice and some just take time. they are all easy, cheap ways of catching and storing energy for use later on.  Your future self will thank you for your preparations! Using your current energy to create something for use in the future is not only cost effective but very rewarding when you can pull something out of the cupboard at the last minute and create something delicious – even when that fruit or vegetable is out of season.

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