A second generation

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When we first bought our Suffolk ewes back in 2012, we purchased them from a local Suffolk stud. We purchased experienced ewes as we were inexperienced farmers and we wanted to give everyone the best chance at a healthy life. This meant our first ewes were a little older. Last year when our lambs were born, […]

Happy Anniversary

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Well I just realised it is one year since I entered the blogosphere.  It’s been good for me and I hope to do more now that I have some more time on my hands.  I hope its been good for you too! Thanks for reading and encouraging me on my sustainable journey – I intend […]

Sustainable work life balance

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Sustainable work life balance – it’s really the ultimate dream of many of us … maintaining that balance between things we have to do and things we want to do.  Sustainability isn’t just about consuming the right things produced in a sustainable way.  It isn’t just about buying Fair Trade or slave free products.  Sustainability […]


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Isn’t it funny how one word can produce such an array of emotions? We have blackberries on our farm, big, out of control, never-been-sprayed blackberries.  While I recognise that they are considered a weed in our part of the world, I also recognise great resources when I see them. They are mostly in the middle […]

Slow day

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Today is the first day of my holidays and I decided that I would have a ‘home’ day, a day to purposefully stay at home and do things around the house.  There is no shortage of opportunities to get things done and while it would be easy just to go out, spend money at the […]

Jagged Crow Farm

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It has finally happened.  After three years of searching, looking, walking over blocks, thinking about what’s important, setting criteria and reviewing possible purchases against that criteria, we have finally become the proud owners of our very own farm.  Well, its really a bit of land that will become a farm.  It has a rusty old […]