Why is it that sometimes life is so busy I don’t have time to do anything I really want to do? It’s just busy working and living! The last week or so has been hectic to say the least. Starting a new job this week feels like it gives me less control over my time, at least for a while until I settle in. It’s a change that I invited though so it feels okay. Change is so much easier when we have some choice about it even though we may not control the whole process or the outcomes completely.

This change in role, I hope, will set up the foundation and build skills which will enable us to purchase some land where we plan on living a more sustainable life, in a more sustainable way… It’s a multi-objective change. So while life is busy, it is focused on us achieving a better lifestyle and there is a timeframe in place. So for now I will put up with the over-busyness of life … I think I can see a small sliver of relaxation and spending time with the Gorgeous One on the horizon next weekend and will hold onto that as the week progresses. At least we are heading in the right direction, even if it is slower than I would prefer. Doing something each week helps me to feel like we are making progress in the right direction … As they say in the classics “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”…