Home on the Farm

Welcome! We are excited to share with you our grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, lamb, eggs, and raw honey from the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula.

We understand feeding your family good quality food is a priority. Perhaps you are looking for foods that help heal your body and improve your immunity as well.  Changing your diet can improve your health significantly, we know from personal experience!

11 years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Doctors’ visits, medications, plenty of rest – that was what my life was looking like. Gradually my health improved but not enough for me to get through the day without 2-3 hours sleep during the day. I just couldn’t make it from morning to night without more sleep – and I was getting 8 -9 hours at night as well!

By changing our diet and removing foods and additives which I now know cause inflammation in my body – and have been shown to be inflammatory to many others too – and adding clean, chemical-free foods, pasture raised meat, raw honey, ferments and bone broth to our diets, I can now function like a regular person.  I can get through the day with more energy, better focus and concentration  than I’ve had in years.

That’s why we started farming our own food so that we knew exactly what was going into our bodies. We are committed to farming in sustainable ways that regenerate our land, provide the best life possible for our animals, as well as the highest level of nutrition you can find anywhere.

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